Steel Minions
Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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EU: 15 July, 2015

PlayStation 4 (digital)


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The floating islands of PieceFall were once the site of ancient spiritual monuments dedicated to tranquillity. Since then, the islands have fallen out of balance, and you must rebuild the land piece by piece to restore the monuments. PieceFall is a geometric puzzle game, set in an abstract floating world. Complete puzzles to build structures and enhance your surroundings. Unlock bonuses, earn stars, and maximise your score! Are you ready to accept the challenge, and restore harmony to the islands?



The original game concept was developed as a group project for students back in October 2013, and it took three different student development teams, 10 months of development time over two years to bring it to market. It went through various iterations and game changes, where complex mini-games, bonus levels, multi-player objectives and additional islands had to be sacrificed in order to get a well-polished game over the finish line.


PieceFall is written entirely in C++, using Sony’s PhyreEngine and utilising Firelight Technology’s FMod sound system.


The game won the Game Republic student showcase for Best Team and was nominated for the a TIGA industry award for Best Game with a Purpose. The final team who published the game have gone on to get jobs at Sumo Digital in Sheffield and Elite3D in Valencia.


  • Tetramino puzzle game in 3D.
  • 3+ PEGI rating with gameplay for all ages.
  • 48 puzzles over 4 level themes.
  • Exclusive to PlayStation 4.


Gameplay Video YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Rockstar award for Best Team at the Game Republic Student Showcase 2014." Huddersfield, 3rd June 2014

    Selected Articles

      • "We’ve worked very closely with the Steel Minions studio to help them bring this game to market. The benefits of studying on an industry-accredited course are made obvious by the skills and talents of these students. In recent years, as indie gaming has exploded, PlayStation First has worked hard to narrow the gap between student teams and indie studios. PieceFall is a true testament to our investment."
        - Maria Stukoff, http://www.worldwidestudios.net/about-us/playstation-first

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      About Steel Minions

      Steel Minions is Sheffield Hallam University's own commercial game development studio which provides workplace simulation for students on Hallam's games degrees. We are a licenced PlayStation and mobile developer with a range of games in development.

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      PieceFall Credits

      Wesley Arthur
      Game Designer, Steel Minions

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks